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There are lots of different ways to work with me. From workshops, one-2-ones, online groups and online classes.

I offer a range of tools – mixing both online and face-to-face workshops.

I am also a published author with my series of Balance and Calm Toolkit” available from Amazon



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Virtual Meditation Class

Mobile Meditation Class – Download your weekly Meditation Class

4 week meditation program

100 days of meditation




Space for Calm Club

Simple, Quick, Daily Tools for Creating your Space for Calm Every Day

Are you stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, feeling out of control? Feel sensations of depression  or worry? Find your emotions flip from positive to angry or balanced to bouncing?

We need tools and practice to build our emotional resilience and create new default actions and reactions to daily situations in life which can disrupt our inner being. To have tools to bring us back into balance and calm, to allow us to have alternative more positive, reactions and emotions.

This monthly club gives you practical tools through email AND access to an online library of  guided visualisation/ meditation all for £15 a month  – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO



The Balance Procedure – full listing

Flower Essences


Energy Work


An Intro to Essential Oils Experience:

What could this give you:

  • A tool to use for calm for yourself, children and family
  • Simple plant medicine for bites, temperatures, detox
  • Natural cleaning product

In this online experience you will receive:

  • A beautifully packaged box of oils – Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint  (all in 5ml bottles – approx 80 drops each)
  • Videos sharing how you can use these oils for your wellbeing journey
  • A calming meditation to use with lavender
  • An Ebook on using these three essential oils
  • Access to a wellbeing for happiness Facebook Group
  • All for £29.99    (UK postage included free of charge – for shipping outside UK pls contact me)
  •           Intro to Oils Pack


Oils for Calm for Children Pack

This kids calming pack provides you with natural solutions to support balance and calm for you and your children.

  • 5ml bottle of lavender (sleep)
  • 5ml bottle arborvitae (difficult bedtimes and meditation)
  • 5ml Balance blend – my number 1 go to oil for me and my children to ground and calm
  • Video on a bedtime massage routine for children
  • Videos on each oil/blend and how to use
  • Access to the Facebook group “Wellbeing for balance happiness and more”
  • Printed copy of the “Balance and Calm Toolkit for Frazzled Mums”
  • £39.99 with free UK postage (contact me for shipping outside of UK)
  • Kids for Calm Pack – £39.99
  •    Kids for Calm Pack

More options coming soon….