Wild Orange and Peppermint

Are you in need of a pick me up? Got the afternoon slump? Want something sugar and caffeine free? The price of 4 chocolate bars or 5% the price of an average coffee! Then this essential oil tip is for you – wild orange and peppermint! 

Wild Orange – uplifting, calming, mood enhancing, energising

Peppermint – support respirative and digestive systems, uplifting, focus and concentration

Together they work to give you a Pep – an uplift a boost to focus and attention. Let me share how with you:


If you want to experience this for just 10p a go let me share it with you:

You can buy retail for £34.40 (14p an experience) or sign up for a whole sale account which means you get 25% off essential oils  and pay a wholesale price of £25.40 for both and get the experience for 10p

Please Note – Wholesale Account is £28 (not £15 – this is the renewal price)

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Or contact me on  help@romella.co.uk