Want to Buy?

I use a brand of essential oils from a company called doTERRA. They are certifies pure therapeutic grade and carry out testing in-house and by 3rd parties, plus offer complete traceability of your bottle of oil to the producer. They are, I believe, the most tested essential oils around.

This is a link to my doTERRA Website  – where you can buy essential oils:

Options to Buy:
  • You can buy directly as a customer
  • For a small fee (just over £20) you can set up as a wholesale account (think costco for essential oils) and get 25% discount on every purchase)
  • Sign up as a Wellness Advocate – (think Avon for essential oils). Kits start from just over £110 and  you get 25% discount, plus the chance to earn free oils and higher discount levels. Plus a chance to build your own business – from sharing oils with others and having customers or building a team. All supported by ME!

Modern Essentials

I think this is the bible for essential oil information! There’s also an app  for just over £5 from the app store – for information when out and about. It gives excellent information on single oils and blends, plus a great A-Z to research your well-being needs. It explains contraindications (when you shouldn’t use oils) and how to use them safely clearly.


The Modern Essentials book can be bought here: