Emotional Essential Oils – Peace

Worried? Fearful? Anxious or insecure? Then the reassuring blend by doTERRA, “doTERRA Peace” could be the blend for you.

When events around us bring us unwanted emotions of fear and anxiousness, we can often find ourselves emotionally drained, out-of-balance and distressed.  At times like this we need to make sure we are looking after ourselves, breathing and meditating to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. doTERRA’s Peace blend can support the calming of emotions and help obtain a peaceful mindset. Continue reading “Emotional Essential Oils – Peace”

Mood Booster – Wild Orange

I have to say Wild Orange is one of my favourite oils – up there with lavender (which I use a lot!).

Its scent is sweet and fruity and really uplifting.

Wild orange is cold pressed from the peel of oranges and has a energising  and citrusy aroma. Continue reading “Mood Booster – Wild Orange”