Space for Calm Club Launch

Simple, Quick, Daily Tools for Creating your Space for Calm Every Day

Are you stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, feeling out of control? Feel sensations of depression  or worry? Find your emotions flip from positive to angry or balanced to bouncing?

We need tools and practice to build our emotional resilience and create new default actions and reactions to daily situations in life which can disrupt our inner being. To have tools to bring us back into balance and calm, to allow us to have alternative more positive, reactions and emotions.

This monthly club gives you practical tools through email AND access to an online library of  guided visualisation/ meditation all for £15 a month

Are you struggling to feel positive and calm?

Are you stressed and zingy?

Do you struggle to quieten your mind?

Is trying to meditate daily an ongoing aim but never a reality?

Are you overwhelmed by types & styles of meditation and can’t make a decision?

Is your head too busy for meditation?

Do you google meditation and join facebook groups but never actually meditate?

Would you like to start to meditate regularly?

Do you know you need to meditate, but just don’t prioritise?

Are you interested in an alternative that you can do at a time to suit you?

This “Space for Calm Club” could be the answer. Each month you access a range of new meditations, mindfulness activities and other tools to create your space for calm. You can access them at any time that suits you – so whether that’s at 10pm or 2am or 3pm – whatever works for you!

The aim of the club is for you to learn new tools and be able to apply them into your life whenever you need them. I keep them quick and simple for a reason – that is so that you use them!

Each month you will receive an email to a link  with new content. Plus there is already a library of information there waiting for you to use!

For just £15 a month  (under 50p a day) you can create your Space  for Calm, at a time and place to suit you!

What are the Benefits to You?

  • Reduce stress, overwhelm and anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Deeper physical relaxation and release of tension in the body
  • Learn to be in the moment, be non-judgemental and feel loving kindness to yourself
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Physiological changes moving you from fight/flight/freeze to the relaxation response
  • Learn simple meditations that take as long as a kettle to boil  – so you can apply easily into your life
  • Experience longer meditations to bring you deeper relaxation for your mind and body
  • A space to ask questions or support to creating your space for calm
  • Able to access information at a time and place to suit your needs
  • To take steps to being the calmer, more positive person you want to be

What do I get included?

  • Each month you will receive an email with new content
    • 2 meditations (usually 10-20 mins in length)
    • 1 quick meditation (2-3 minutes) for when you need a quick reset
    • PDF of quick, simple tools to use
    • Mindfulness exercise
    • A breathing exercise
    • Information on other tools to support your space for calm (may include essential oils, journalling, affirmations & more)
    • Secret Facebook group for support if you would like to share
    • Access to Romella for support through email or secret group
    • Positive Steps to Calm  webinar
    • PDF of top 5 tips for Calm using just yourself
    • PDF top 10 tips to successful Meditation

What does “Online Membership” mean?

Each month you receive an email and access to a website with videos and PDFs of meditations, mindfulness activities and other tools to create your Space for Calm.

Quite simply it’s not a physical class -but a virtual one where you can access the course information and monthly meditations at a time and day to suit you.

You will access information, videos and MP3s through a private web page, links will also be emailed to you. Plus you can download to your own computer/ electronic device to play & use whenever you need them

There is no ongoing commitment, if you are not enjoying the club or benefiting then you can leave at any time – you are in control of your monthly commitment.

The Space for Calm Club launches officially in  April and all who join in April will receive a FREE copy of the book “Balance and Calm Toolkit 150 quick,simple, daily tips for calm” published by Amazon.

An Introductory Video to the Space for Calm Club


About Me:

Romella has been teaching meditation and relaxation classes for over 5 years from Relax Kids  classes to adults and is a qualified & insured Meditation Teacher.  She is a multi-award winning therapist with her “Calm” businesses

An author of the Balance and Calm Toolkit series, available from amazon – click here 


Space for Calm Club