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Introduction to Oils

Would you like to know more about how essential oils can support your wellbeing goals as a family?

Here I give you videos and information on what essential oils are and how they can support daily life.

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If you’ve had a sample from me then this is where you can find out how to use it and how it could support you. These short videos are available to watch anytime

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Want to Buy?

My essential oil provider of choice is doTERRA. They manufacture and sell a range of certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils – meaning they have nothing in them except the natural plant extract. To buy you can contact me or visit www.mydoterra.com/romella 

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Events (Classes & Wellness Events)

I run a range of classes and workshops and continued education workshops. Some are free (introductory class) and some are paid for  (or earned through purchases!)

I also coordinate the Shropshire Wellness Events which bring together a wide range of experts in the wellbeing field in the Shropshire area. These run three times a year.

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I love sharing information on essential oils. So have created a page full of FREE information that you can download and access.

From cleaning to sleep to stress management to children to  cooking with oils

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