Lavender – Calming & Healing

Lavender – It’s probably the most well known oil. Yet to some people it has a marmite effect – love it or hate it! Memories of old lavender bags or Grandparent’s gardens.

The Egyptians and Romans used lavender oil for  mummification, bathing , cooking, relaxing and as perfumes. So the use of plants and their therapeutic benefits is not a new thing.

I have to say Lavender is one of my favourite oils. Its much more versatile than “just for sleep”.

Did you know it can:

  • Help the skin to recover if you have a minor burn , scratch or insect bite
  • Soothes skin irritations
  • Help skin to recover quickly
  • Support sleep and relaxation
  • Is calming and can help relaxation
  • Is useful for muscle aches and tension
  • Can be used in cooking too (think lavender shortbread)

My favourite ways to use it are:

  • Diffuse at bedtime for the children and me
  • Have a rollerball made up with a couple of drops of oil & diluted with fractionated coconut oil. I carry this with me and apply whenever I feel a little frustrated or , or ratty.
  • I apply to my children’s feet at bedtime as part of the preparing for bed ritual
  • I have a glass spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of lavender which I use for
    • Spraying my skin when red with sunburn or a temperature
    • Spray bedding, clothing & towels to make them have the scent of lavender
    • Use it as a monster spray when kids are worried about monsters under the bed
  • Headaches – I apply a drop to my palm and rub over the neck and temples and breathe in the oil
  • I carry it in my handbag as part of my first aid kit for emergencies with children (scratches, moods/emotions and calming!)

It really is a versatile oil and one I always have with me.

If you would like a sample of doTERRA lavender then please contact me and I’ll get one in the post for you to try.


The Defrazzled Mum

I use a brand of oil called doTERRA. It is a certified pure therapeutic grade oil & safe to use in many ways than other lesser oils, including neat. Please check your own oil supplier before using essential oils.

More about Romella

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