I’m an Award Winner – Network Marketing Mum of the Year

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Vetiver – was my son’s life changing experience

I love vetiver  essential oil for the difference it has made to our family.  It allowed my son’s busy mind to shut off to allow him then to fall asleep. A good nights sleep makes the world of difference to the child and their ability to cope with the day ahead, and to the parent to have some down time (alone or with partner!).

I explain my son’s journey with vetiver in this video but as a synopsis, we recognised many symptoms of autism in his behaviour and emotions. Having discussed with the school we started down the CAMHS process for a diagnosis. In May 2017 I started using vetiver every night on his feet.

The response was amazing. He would slowly shut down and allow his mind to slow, close his eyes and fall asleep.

He would have a good nights sleep (an individual amount right for him – not the stats version!). In the morning he was more grounded and calm and seemed to cope better at school. Less issues in the playground and emotions more balanced.

We were offered a cancellation appointment at short notice with CAMHS and were then rejected as his symptoms were not visible enough to diagnose!

12 months has now passed and he is a different boy, more mature and able to cope with emotions. We still see his autism spectrum “symptoms” but the negative behaviour  no longer  follows.

Life changing for us all. I can’t sing the praises of vetiver enough!


Not just for Autism – Sleep is the Key

Vetiver is a grounding oil and is produced from the roots of the vetiver plant over in Haiti. It is very earthy and grounding when diffused or applied and really pulls you back into your body. Perfect for those with busy minds who struggle to switch off before sleep – and we all do sometimes!

So with your sample you can apply directly to your feet before bedtime or dilute with an oil or cream and massage your feet. Then allow the oil to soother you and allow calmness & grounding to flow through your body.

This short video gives more information. If you’d like a sample please contact me on the number or email above




Essential Oils 101 Summit – post 2 – how to use oils

How can you use essential oils? In today’s post we’re looking at topical, aroma and internal


There are 3 main ways to benefit from essential oils –

1 – breathing in the oils and aroma. This can be as simple as smelling direct from the bottle. Or you can use a diffuser, jewellery or simply a cotton wool ball popped into an air vent!

2 – topically – this is applying to the skin, often via massage or simply onto the soles of the feet or roller ball onto the pulse points

3 – internal – this can only be done with doTERRA certified pure essential oils or other oils labelled with “supplement facts” – so you know they are safe for internal use.

The benefits of using the oils in each way are different
– for digestion or the digestive system then internal is a quick way for the oils to get to work

– for headaches applying directly around the temples or back of neck will work well

– for emotions breathing them in has the double benefit of a meditative practice and the olfactory response as well

I use a mixture of all 3
– internal – I take “Slim and sassy” to support my weight regime, plus doTERRA supplements (phytoestrogen and nutritional supplements). I also use the digestive blend if I have a sore tummy – both internally and applied topically

– frankincense is applied to my neck every day, and the grounding blend to my feet

– I diffuse oils to balance the moods and emotions of myself and family throughout the day – usually wild orange for its uplifting effects and a lavender blend at bedtime to help calm and relax

Different oils work in different ways to support your body and its wellbeing.

Please feel free to ask questions or for suggestions to use for your own wellbeing journey x

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Essential Oils 101 Summit – An Introduction (post 1)

Essential oils anyone? Come and join my online essential oils 101 week!


Are you interested in essential oils and would like to learn more about how they can support your wellbeing on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level?

Then join this week long “Essential Oils 101”

Over the course of the week I’ll be sharing information and ways to use essential oils – from sleep to diet to muscles and infections…..

Plus ask me for a sample and I can post to you x

Space for Calm Club Launch

Simple, Quick, Daily Tools for Creating your Space for Calm Every Day

Are you stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, feeling out of control? Feel sensations of depression  or worry? Find your emotions flip from positive to angry or balanced to bouncing?

We need tools and practice to build our emotional resilience and create new default actions and reactions to daily situations in life which can disrupt our inner being. To have tools to bring us back into balance and calm, to allow us to have alternative more positive, reactions and emotions.

This monthly club gives you practical tools through email AND access to an online library of  guided visualisation/ meditation all for £15 a month

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