Space for Calm Club

Space for Calm Club

Simple, Quick, Daily Tools for Creating your Space for Calm Every Day

Are you stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, feeling out of control?

Feel sensations of depression  or worry?

Find your emotions flip from positive to angry or balanced to bouncing?


We need tools and practice to build our emotional resilience and create new default actions and reactions to daily situations in life which can disrupt our inner being. To have tools to bring us back into balance and calm, to allow us to have alternative more positive, reactions and emotions.

What if you were provided with the gift of something to use to practice every day that could help you be more balance and calm – to create your space for calm?  Would you say yes?Are you worth the cost and time to practice? What effect would it have on your life? How would it feel to know you have tools in your bag to use at any moment in the day or night to help bring you into your space for calm?

The Space for Calm Club can help support you to create your own space for calm – to be more balanced and calm.

This club will give you:

  • A daily email with a tool or tip to use that day
  • A monthly email with a meditation of the month to practice (lasting 30 minutes)
  • Access to a secret facebook group to ask me questions or share whats going on in a non-judgmental, safe space
  • Bonuses of access to a library of webinars & meditations on meditation, affirmations and more
  • In 3 months you will receive a gift in the post from me worth over £5 to support your space for calm journey
  • Discount of 20% on any service or product I offer (essential oils excluded)

All for £15 a month (£10 launch)

Join here –