Valentine’s Day – time to connect and love

Today is Valentine’s Day – a day to share love.  But what about the love with the person closest to you – you – yourself – I/me

This simple 10 minute meditation is here for you to find a quiet time , to connect to your heart and fill it with love.

There is one relationship which is absolutely key to us, One relationship which we have complete control over. One relationship which we should prioritise above all others. One relationship which is usually ignored, left to starve, be empty, run down, uncared for. You’ve guessed it – its the relationship we have with ourselves – self love – self care.

It’s so important for us to look after ourselves, but so many of us neglect ourselves – low priority, low self worth, not worth the time, no time to do anything, can’t do anything, not as good as others, everyone else is better…..

If you don’t look after yourself, care for your body, mind and emotions – then how can you support the people you love around you? How can you do the things you love to do? Quite simply, you must find time to look after yourself.

Today is the perfect day to make that commitment to yourself – to love yourself – to care for yourself

“I love myself completely, just as I am at this moment”

Don’t put it off until you’ve lost weight, done exercise, found a partner, had a hair cut, got new glasses….. there is only one moment in time that you can effect and that is RIGHT NOW! Tomorrow never comes and yesterday is gone. Today is a present  – a gift to be the best you can be – to simply be you x




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