Vetiver – was my son’s life changing experience

I love vetiver  essential oil for the difference it has made to our family.  It allowed my son’s busy mind to shut off to allow him then to fall asleep. A good nights sleep makes the world of difference to the child and their ability to cope with the day ahead, and to the parent to have some down time (alone or with partner!).

I explain my son’s journey with vetiver in this video but as a synopsis, we recognised many symptoms of autism in his behaviour and emotions. Having discussed with the school we started down the CAMHS process for a diagnosis. In May 2017 I started using vetiver every night on his feet.

The response was amazing. He would slowly shut down and allow his mind to slow, close his eyes and fall asleep.

He would have a good nights sleep (an individual amount right for him – not the stats version!). In the morning he was more grounded and calm and seemed to cope better at school. Less issues in the playground and emotions more balanced.

We were offered a cancellation appointment at short notice with CAMHS and were then rejected as his symptoms were not visible enough to diagnose!

12 months has now passed and he is a different boy, more mature and able to cope with emotions. We still see his autism spectrum “symptoms” but the negative behaviour  no longer  follows.

Life changing for us all. I can’t sing the praises of vetiver enough!


Not just for Autism – Sleep is the Key

Vetiver is a grounding oil and is produced from the roots of the vetiver plant over in Haiti. It is very earthy and grounding when diffused or applied and really pulls you back into your body. Perfect for those with busy minds who struggle to switch off before sleep – and we all do sometimes!

So with your sample you can apply directly to your feet before bedtime or dilute with an oil or cream and massage your feet. Then allow the oil to soother you and allow calmness & grounding to flow through your body.

This short video gives more information. If you’d like a sample please contact me on the number or email above