Flies and Bugs Bothering You? A Few Essential Oil Solutions

Got flies bothering you? In the kitchen or garden or biting insects in the evening? Let me share a few suggestions!

It’s that time of year when the flies start to come out – out conservatory seems to have a hover fly party in it at the moment as the door is always open!

So here are a few tips and solutions I like to use: Continue reading “Flies and Bugs Bothering You? A Few Essential Oil Solutions”

Shropshire Wellness Summit – June 2017

Are you looking for a new key to your wellbeing?
Natural solutions to support you and your families health and wellbeing?
Are you prepared to take charge of your life and move forward on your own terms?
Are you a looking for solutions to support your emotional wellbeing and happiness?
Then this workshop has been created for you. Continue reading “Shropshire Wellness Summit – June 2017”

Mood Booster – Wild Orange

I have to say Wild Orange is one of my favourite oils – up there with lavender (which I use a lot!).

Its scent is sweet and fruity and really uplifting.

Wild orange is cold pressed from the peel of oranges and has a energising  and citrusy aroma. Continue reading “Mood Booster – Wild Orange”

Frankincense the King of Oils

When I first started using essential oils, the frankincense sat in the box and remained there for quite a while. It was only a few months later when I started researching the oils that I realised how amazing frankincense really was! Its never in the box now and indeed when I do a class I have to make sure I pick the bottle up before leaving!

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Lavender – Calming & Healing

Lavender – It’s probably the most well known oil. Yet to some people it has a marmite effect – love it or hate it! Memories of old lavender bags or Grandparent’s gardens.

The Egyptians and Romans used lavender oil for  mummification, bathing , cooking, relaxing and as perfumes. So the use of plants and their therapeutic benefits is not a new thing.

I have to say Lavender is one of my favourite oils. Its much more versatile than “just for sleep”. Continue reading “Lavender – Calming & Healing”

Hello from Essential Oils for the Frazzled!

I’m so excited to have a new website focused just on amazing essential oils!

On this website I  will be sharing blogs and vlogs with tips on how I use the essential oil to bring balance and calm and well-being into my family’s life. Plus events that I am running (usually free introductory essential oil classes). Plus free information! Continue reading “Hello from Essential Oils for the Frazzled!”