Getting Started with your Sample & Oils

Thank you for requesting an essential oil sample from me.

I want you to know all you need to, before using the oils, so you can use them safely and effectively with your whole family.  So I’ve created a few videos to share some vital information with you. Please ensure that you watch them and if you have any questions phone or email me.

As well as being a doTERRA Wellness Advocate since 2016 I am also a qualified & insured aromatherapist.

Please make sure you:

  • Please make sure I am aware of any medications or diagnosis that you have, if any pets are in your home, or other people that have considerations (when diffusing the oils). Especially but not limited to pregnancy, epilepsy, blood pressure, thyroid.
  • Ensure that all samples and oils are out of reach from children, pets etc
  • You do not put the oils in or near eyes, nose, mouth – take care to wash hands after using them as this will prevent an accident.
  • If you do have any sensitivity then please apply oil to the area (don’t try and wash it off or it can drive the oil in further). Contact your medical advice and/or me.

How to use your Essential Oils Safely Video

How to use your Samples Video

How to use a Diffuser in your Home or Office to Benefit from the Aroma of the Essential Oils

If you want to Order Oils Video

If  you want to order oils, then you can