Mood Booster – Wild Orange

wild orange properties

I have to say Wild Orange is one of my favourite oils – up there with lavender (which I use a lot!).

Its scent is sweet and fruity and really uplifting.

Wild orange is cold pressed from the peel of oranges and has a energising  and citrusy aroma.

Wild Orange Properties – according to me!

  • when I’m feeling a bit low I use Wild orange to lift my mood
  • cleansing – in a natural cleanser
  • can help with sleep if you worry as it lifts your mood
  • anxiety – I’ve had a few moments this week and the oil I’ve gone to is wild orange (as its always in my bag!) and has worked!

My favourite ways to use Wild Orange:

  • Pop a couple of drops in the diffuser to fill the room with its uplifting aroma – perfect after school to keep the kids going & in a happy space (fewer arguments!)
  • Add a few drops to a water spray bottle for a room air freshener
  • To deodorise the car ( a few drops on a tissue & lightly placed in the air vents)
  • Pop a drop in a large glass of water and sip – really refreshing!
  • Rub a drop in my hands then over arms/ clothes for a soft uplifting perfume
  • A drop of wild orange and a drop of peppermint in to palms (avoid fingers/eyes) then across the back of my neck when I have a headache
  • To re-energize me when I’m in a mid-afternoon slump – I pop on my wrists and behind my ears & generally have a good sniff 😉

Wild Orange is actually one of the cheaper oils by doTERRA and I think one of the best all rounders for boosting and improving your mood. It costs just £12.00 – to order either contact me or visit

for more information visit 

Enjoy the wonderful therapeutic benefits of Wild Orange