Frankincense the King of Oils

When I first started using essential oils, the frankincense sat in the box and remained there for quite a while. It was only a few months later when I started researching the oils that I realised how amazing frankincense really was! Its never in the box now and indeed when I do a class I have to make sure I pick the bottle up before leaving!

So is Frankincense the King of Oils? Well it can support:

  • Relax muscles
  • Support immune system
  • Support body systems
  • Regulates and modulates moods
  • Can be used to cleanse and dress minor cuts, bites and sores
  • Useful in face creams for radiant skin
  • Focus energy and concentration
  • Ease hyperactivity, irritability
  • Enhance meditation and spiritual work

I use frankincense in a rollerball blend mixed with a drop of lavender and geranium. I use it to support and balance my moods and when I get headaches, I use it every day. There is a phase which is “when in doubt use Frankincense”! I completely agree – it is my go to oil (after lavender!)

Frankincense is an enhancer and will expand the impact of any other oil or meditation. For this reason if you are on medication do not use Frankincense without professional medical advce.

Here is a short video I made about Frankincense



If you have any question or would like to have a sample or learn more then please do contact me

Enjoy the delights of Frankincense

yours calmly


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