Flies and Bugs Bothering You? A Few Essential Oil Solutions

Got flies bothering you? In the kitchen or garden or biting insects in the evening? Let me share a few suggestions!

It’s that time of year when the flies start to come out – out conservatory seems to have a hover fly party in it at the moment as the door is always open!

So here are a few tips and solutions I like to use:


Or you can try doTERRA’s Terrashield blend (available as a spray or an oil)

When you’ve already been bitten try these:


 Lemon, lavender and peppermint in a carrier oil to roll on is a great soother








Cleansing Blend is great to remove stings or poisins

Basil & lavender are useful to soothe insect bites

Roman Chamomile useful for bee & wasp stings





If you would like to buy any of these oils you can do so through this link – www.mydoterra.com/romella






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