Emotional Essential Oils – Peace

Worried? Fearful? Anxious or insecure? Then the reassuring blend by doTERRA, “doTERRA Peace” could be the blend for you.

When events around us bring us unwanted emotions of fear and anxiousness, we can often find ourselves emotionally drained, out-of-balance and distressed.  At times like this we need to make sure we are looking after ourselves, breathing and meditating to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. doTERRA’s Peace blend can support the calming of emotions and help obtain a peaceful mindset.

This peaceful blend has a perfect blend of therapeutic essential oils of:

Essential oils blended in doTERRA Peace:

  • Vetiver (to calm the mind)
  • Lavender (to calm the body)
  • Ylang Ylang (calming, destress)
  • Frankincense (balance, focus, letting go of lower vibrations)
  • Clary Sage (sedative properties)
  • Marjoram (relaxing to muscles, anxiety)
  • Spearmint  (release emotional blocks and bring balance)
  • Labdanum (elevate the emotions)

How I use doTERRA Peace

  • I have a roller ball made up with just 2 drops of peace & topped up with fractionated coconut oil. I then carry this with me and apply as needed whenever emotions/ events arise that I need to bring calm into my body & mind
  • I diffuse when emotions are getting a bit overwhelming for me or the children ( eg after the Manchester bombing news)
  • When feelings start to become anxious or fear rises, I will place a drop n my hands and rub them together and inhale, usually whilst doing some meditative breathing
  • If I’m struggling to go to sleep at night I add a drop to my pillow, plus one in my hands, rub together and breathe in
  • Before presenting if I’m feeling nervous then I’ll diffuse or inhale  from the bottle to calm my nerves
  • If one of the children are having a meltdown, then I’ll use my Peace rollerball on their feet to help support & calm them

doTERRA Peace blend  is supportive and calming on so many levels. It costs £32 for a 5ml bottle (approx 80 drops a bottle – which will make a lot of rollerballs!) – to order either contact me or visit www.mydoterra.com/romella

If you’d like a sample then please do contact me as well

for more information visit www.mydoterra.com/romella 

Enjoy the wonderful therapeutic peaceful benefits of doTERRA Peace – the Reassuring blend