Welcome to Space for Calm 

I’m Romella and I’m a Mum to two sparks of joy and an award winning holistic therapist and author. I’m also an essential oil addict!



Why I love essential oils:

  • I love that they support my mood and help me relax, de-frazzle and relax
  • Yet another one can improve my focus and attention
  • Can support me & my family when seasonal threats come home from school!
  • They support my body in its monthly cycle, helping PMT and the ggrrrr-ness!
  • They are created through natural ingredients – nature’s own bounty
  • I love the versatility of an oil being able to be breathed in and applied to skin or for cleaning!

I’ve been interested in essential oils for 3 decades. As a student I would have geranium and lavender (and patchouli too of course!). Now as a parent and a holistic well-being practitioner I  am looking for  tools to support my families well-being  – both physical and emotional using NATURAL solutions. I’m loving the positive effect they are having on my children at bedtime. myself during the day and supporting my husband when the air conditioning at work is full of germs (don’t need man flu!)!

So if you’re interested in natural solutions and finding out how essential oils can support your family’s well-being come along and join me…

This website is here to share tips for essential oils, free classes and dates for events that I run (most are free introduction to essential oils).

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